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Iron Riders Dallas Cycling Club (IRDCC)

was founded in 2012 after three riding groups decided to join together to make one single group --- and has rapidly grown from 12  to over 180 members.  Our members ages range from 11 years old to 75 years young!

IRDCC promotes riding bikes for recreation, fitness and sport as well as serving as advocates for cyclists in the DFW and surrounding areas.  Although IRDCC’s main focus is in road bicycling, many members are multi-sports enthusiasts who participate in other sports and events such as mountain biking, cyclocross, duathlons, triathlons, and marathons.  We strive to be the positive example in our community by educating others and practicing SAFE BICYCLING! 

Board of Directors and Officers



ongoing vision is to provide an organizational structure that enables our members to fully experience and enjoy the fun and excitement of bicycling

in all of

it's many forms. 

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